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Start with inner unity.

Peace, needs of mind and satisfaction comes through less thoughts. But Mind is always creates wave of thoughts.
And more thinking develops more waves into waves.

Honestly telling you my friend, Financial freedom will come definitely .

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Every skill in internet marketing is available for those friends, who wants to be financially free. Same to same system give unlimited opportunities.

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I am doing internet marketing from last some years and always found that

cooperation can makes each team financially free.

I am Team. I know, My friend you are team too.

Let i want to tell you. About same to same system.

Every one is a unique for self first. my friend understands,

I am talking about that one who is all. It is a ?.

Deeper subject of mind. About in this subject , only listening is not enough. (Kriyayoga Science)


Now about success.

Each successor knows. Human is successor already.We(You+I) too.

In the field of Internet marketing. Basic need is  wish.

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Om Prakash
President | JAN JAGRITI NGO | Developing team
A: 21/15 A New Bairahana
Sametosame system

Same to same system and tricks in Real

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Nothing is hidden here in same to same system.

I am real person and guider and audience too.

Why i am confident about the same to same system and you will be. When you will follow.

Mind develop all system and concentration tells how to apply it.

What your mind is telling you about same to same to system.

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Myth / True is your minds thoughts. if mind seeing, this is myth.

Then follow the guideline and you will be able to modify your mind.

And sure you will tell others it is true.


Everyone is free for thinking about bad and good.

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I have faith. Friend knows the reason.

May be your mind is imagining and many thoughts are coming.

Stop them through deep thoughts.

Still you are not understanding that what am i saying.

Don’t worry . You will understand about all.

what kinds of doubt in your minds tells you. Tell us

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Between PLUS and Minus Human life is. Experience is Life. Feelings and emotions  height and depth is infinite in  Human body. WE press idea and mind power deploy the waves into the thoughts of wave and waves.

Researcher is human. Researcher knows what I want.

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Here, I am presenting myself(OM Prakash) as first testimonial of GLOBAL RUNNING in the height of love and with AIM. ALLAHABAD INTERNET MARKETING running word press site  .

Result is all in WORK/BUSINESS/JOB. Money is a social subject. Now, I am saying to each visitor of this site. Please welcome & check and touch the success in the field of Internet marketing and each niche. I found here.

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